Thursday, 29 September 2011


I've been a naughty blogger lately and haven't made a post in ages.
I've made a list of all these recipes that I want to share with you and some epic craft projects I've been working on but to tell you the truth I've been a bit down in the dumps lately.
I've realised although I eat healthy etc. I have a really unhealthy attitude and relationship with food. And I've been trying to sort it out.
I also just came down with a cold so hopefully once I'm all better I can realign my exercise and food regime so that I can be physically and mentally healthy. I really need regime otherwise everything gets out of whack, its just the way my mind works. So at the moment I'm all over the place, having taken 2 days off work to recover and not being able to exercise and literally eating 24/7 not because I'm hungry (I'm actually the opposite) but just because I'm bored.  So much food shammeee agh! Do you get that? Where you just eat without care and then afterwards are so ashamed you just want to bury your head under the sand? It happens to me more than it should and trust me, I'm working on it. Ill be back up and running by next week hopefully so stay tuned. Ive got some really awesome things to share with you 

Beth xo

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