Sunday, 11 September 2011

Retail Therapy

The 2 last weeks have been super hectic for me, ive been working at my ordinary job in a cafe 8-3pm and then at the Royal Adelaide Show from 6-11pm. I swear i almost died from exhaustion. To reward myself for getting through the last fortnight alive i decided some retail therapy was needed. Me and my friend Maddi started our day at Nino's on Jetty road in brighton for Brunch where i ordered the Bruschetta and she ordered the Eggs Florentine. The food was okay but the highlight was my chai latte, warmed me up right through on such a cold morning.

We then made our way to Harbour Town to shop, here are some of my purchases...
$5 pink scarf

$15 hipflask that i didnt even want to buy but Maddi made me!
As you can probally tell i was in a pink mood today and i just love harbour town because its so dirt cheap! Then when i got home i made myself a scrumptious little snack of cruskits with 2 combinations: ham, lavender cheese, tomato, rocket and hommus and roast beef, lavender cheese, tomato, rocket and horseradish dip accompanied by a green tea with honey in my brand new birdy mug that only cost me $5 from typo! 
Needless to say i scoffed this bad boy down in 10 seconds and my green tea tastes 10x better in a cute little mug! Now im just waiting for 7pm so i can take my family out to tea at the hotpot train in the city! So excited, i love hotpots! Ill post some pictures of the yummy food tomorrow :)

untill then, ciao my little munchkins!

Beth xo

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