Saturday, 10 September 2011


Oh why hello there! Meet me!
Hello, nice to meet you!
Im Beth and I live in Australia and love being healthy!

Ive been reading food blogs as entertainment for the last few months (sad i know) and ive decided its about time i begin my own considering i cook often and would like somewhere to keep tabs on my recipes and healthy eating progress.

I never used to be interested in healthy eating untill the start of last year when i was 15kg heavier and my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. Having always been the 'healthy' one in our little 3 person family (mum, myself and brother) it came as a big surprise that she was sick but also gave me the motivation to change my habits and get healthy.
Dont worry kiddos, mums in remission now and were all trying really hard to be healthy eaters so that an illness doesnt strike us down again.

So future readers, prepare yourself for recipes, workout regimes and general thought farts that i have and enjoy yourself.

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