Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Overnight oats!

I dont think that ive mentioned this but my inspiration behind this blog was Fit Foodie Finds and this was also where I first saw the idea of overnight oats. After looking at more food blogs I've come to realised they're a pretty popular blogging recipe so I thought today I would go with the norm and create my own.

Again, I don't really measure my food so basically its all approximate.

- handful of oats (probally 1 C)
- 1 Tbsp Chia seeds
- 1 Tbsp sunflower seeds
~combine the above then cover with water then microwave for 2 mins
remove from microwave and seperate into 2 bowls (serves 2) then cover again with water then place in fridge overnight

In the morning i either have my oats cold or i microwave them to make them like porridge, this morning i decided to heat my oats up and then top with milk, honey, sunflower seeds and tinned peaches. Yummo!! I gave the other serve to my mum and she loved it, shed never had overnight oats before and thought it was such a brilliant idea!

Then later in the day, after work i went to the gym to do a well needed workout (I've been super slack lately) which look something like this:
- 3o mins cross trainer on interval weight loss program
- 15 mins on rowing machine on highest level
- 100 sit-ups each front, and sides
- stretches

Since i know i need to refuel after a workout but didn't bring anything with me to the gym i popped over to the Asian shop and bought a lemon bubble tea mmmmm 

But! I completely wasted my workout by going to the pub for dinner with my friends and having a parmi. Bad decision but oh so yummy! And I guess I did eat the salad... who am i kidding, I'm allowed to be naughty sometimes haha

Beth xo

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