Sunday, 6 November 2011

Drastic Measures

Oh hey!
Long time no talk yeah? Sorry about that, not that I think I have any readers yet but I like to talk as if I do.

My whole "lets get bikini ready the healthy way" hasn't been working and so I am doing what I did last year to kick start my weightloss - The Dukan Diet.
I know many people believe it to be 'unhealthy' etc. and yes it probably is. But the thing is, i only have around 5kgs to lose and this is really just to get things in motion and hopefully get some of my motivation back, something which was so strong last year.

I've decided to track my progress daily here, on my blog. This way I can evaluate each day and my feelings towards the diet because I remember last year I felt pretty shit on it, I'm hoping this isn't going to be the case this time.

DAY ONE (Sat 5th November)
Technically I didn't really start today as I started at lunch time... But I still stayed away from alcohol despite attending a 21st. 

BFAST: Cereal and banana (doesnt count as dukan diet... basically my 'last meal')
LUNCH: lean steak with garlic yoghurt
DINNER: Chicken curry and turkey meatball

SNACKS: Greek Yohgurt, boiled egg
DRINKS: Diet lemonade and diet coke (I had to drink something while I was out LOL), regular skim latte, 2 cups of tea, 2 Litres water

Today I felt like shit, I was so grumpy and my body was sore because I went out dancing friday night... Really not the best day to be starting a diet. I was hungry all day, constantly snacking and also felt really nauseas

DAY TWO: Sunday 6th November
So today was my first 'proper' day and it wasn't too bad, I still grazed the whole day but I didn't feel as nauseas or grumpy (I only yelled at my brother once). But oh my god, I swear I needed to go to the toilet at least 10 times today, I really hope it isn't like that tomorrow when I'm at work! But I did manage a little exercise today, a short swim with my brother at the local pool - how cute.

BFAST: Salmon and chicken omelet
LUNCH: Yoghurt with oat bran
DINNER: 2 Turkey meatball with soysauce

SNACKS: few slices of ham and turkey, yoghurt
DRINKS: small skim latte, 1 ginger tea, 1 earl grey tea, 2 english bfast teas, 1 diet lemonade, around 2.5 litres water

So tomorrow I am testing out how well I do with my diet when working. I work in a cafe too, so there will be no sitting down moaning about my hunger or my lack of energy, it will be bam! bam! bam! all day. Omg, I hope it'll be okay.

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