Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Back on track

Finally I have some motivation!

At the start of this year I was 60kg. I am currently 65kg. I need to get my summer body back! Now, some would say 5kg is the hardest to lose and keep off. The only way I got down to 60 last year is because I was sick with glandular fever over summer and the moment I got better my weight levelled out at around 62-63 which I was happy with. But I would really like to lose these last 5kg and this time, keep it off!

My main philosophy at the moment is to eat foods that are super duper packed with goodness. And nothing processed. This is harder than you would think. Literally everything is processed in someway or another and since I'm not exactly financially in a position to purely buy organic etc. I am having to make some compromises. But yes, the majority of my food consumed as of today will be fresh and real food that is bought in a form closest to that which it was harvested. 

I've also set myself a few rules (more like guidelines) to help me stay healthy and hopefully lose these 5kg before I go live in china in January (more to come on this topic ;D)

1. avoid gluten as much as possible (mostly in the form of processed breads). This philosophy sounds kind of 'carb related' but its not, I will still be eating potatoes and whole grains, the reason behind the avoidance of gluten is because ceoliac disease runs in my family and at times I cannot digest gluten properly. I don't know why it is only sometimes, must be the time of year cause generally around summer my body has a spazz. Instead I've been trying out quinoa and let me tell you I LOVE it! I made a batch to eat with my curry the other day because we ran out of rice and it tasted so good! 

2. Have a glass of warm water with lemon the moment I wake up before starting my morning routine. I've heard about the many benefits of doing this and thought I'd try it out for myself :) 

3. Exercise 3 times per week minimum! I just got my old bike fixed so hopefully within the next week I will get that back so I can start riding into work for a little bit of cardio but I will be doing my weights 3 times a week and my sit-ups are already a part of my daily routine.

4. Concerning sweets; All in moderation!!!! I've become a massive sweet tooth this year and have been finding it really hard to say no to cake etc. and since I work in a cafe the temptation is there staring me in the face all day. But I must be strong! One sweet this per week whether that be chocolate, cake, etc. Substitute fruit or greek yoghurt with honey for that sweet kick. 

5. DRINK WATER 2L per day and 3 cups of green tea. Avoid milk where possibly and limit coffee intake to 3 times per week (for now, I have heard that coffee boosts metabolism but atm I need a good detox which includes coffee) 

6. Small portions, healthy snacks and limit fats ie. butters, oils, cheese etc.

Today I was really good. I woke up and did a 1 hour workout before work. I dont think I'll have time to do this tomorrow in the morning but I plan to go for a swim in the afternoon cause it'll be nicer weather. I also ate really well.
BFAST: I had a tropical fruit breakfast smoothie topped with chia seeds and oats,a hard boiled egg and green tea
LUNCH: quinoa salad with carrot, celery, tomato, pepitas, sunflower seeds, cabbage, rocket, tabouli and balsamic vinegar and green tea
DINNER: curry with quinoa and home-made tatziki and green tea

Anyways Im off, untill next time :)

Beth xo

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